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New Again inc.

We are currently looking for new people with IDD to join the New Again team, please call or email us to get more information about how you or someone you know can become a New Again team member !

We are an all volunteer organization, all of our support staff are volunteers.

We are always open to new volunteers who are interested in helping our team create and learn.

New Again is a social mission-driven 501c(3) nonprofit organization started by the parents of  adults with developmental challenges. We are dedicated to creating unique, enjoyable training and work for developmentally challenged people who might not otherwise have the chance of getting workplace-relevant skills.

 We offer skills training, and a supported experience, for adults with  developmental/intellectual challenges.

The gifts, décor, and crafts sold at New Again are made by repurposing and up-cycling all kinds of goods.

New Again is expanding our business model to include a Zero Waste store.

​Watch for the exciting developments as we move to a larger space and learn all the skills to provide a Zero Waste shopping experience!