April 2022

Welcome to Your Zero Waste Journey

Congratulations!  Since you are reading this, you are already on your way.  Deciding to live a Zero Waste life can be very exciting!  

Living a Zero Waste life is not about being  perfect. It will not happen right away.  You will need to do it all of the time to make it work.   However, the time it takes is worth all of your hard work!

Why is Zero Waste Living a good idea?

I’m glad you asked!  

    1. It’s good for the planet!  

   2. It’s good for your wallet!

​How Do I Start Zero Waste Living?

Great Question!

   *  Use up what you already have 

   *  Reuse items you already have

   *  Donate what you don’t want

Remember The 4 R’s!

                       *  Refill

                       *  Repair

                       *  Reuse

                       *  Refuse

1.  Refill: Bring a clean dry container to refill with new products.  
                       Good ones to try are

                     Laundry Soap *

                        Bath Salt*

                  All Purpose Cleaner*

                    Body Powder*

2.  Repair: When an item you own breaks don’t throw it away!  Fix it instead!  If you can’t fix it yourself, bring it to someone who can!
​     *  Button missing or hole in clothing? Sew up the hole or replace the button.  A Tailor is the place where you would take clothing for repairs.

     *  Bottom of your shoe coming loose? Take the shoes to a repair shop.  A Cobbler is the place that repairs shoes.

3.  Reuse: If something can’t be fixed, maybe it could be used for something else!  

​  *  If you do not want to keep the item, give it away to someone who can use it, or donate it!  Remember, someone’s trash could be someone else’s treasure.  For Example:

   *  With the right top, your container could hold soap or lotion.

   *  Clothing can be used for crafting!  An old shirt can become a pillow.  Pockets from old jeans can become purses.  Also, Denim material can be recycled into insulation for homes and businesses.

  *  Electronic items can be recycled by bringing them to a store that has an electronic device recycling program, or returned to the company who made the product.  (Be sure to call the company and ask if they take back products for recycling first, and how to do it.)  

  *  Stores who have recycling programs for electronic devices include Best Buy, and Staples.

4.  Refuse:  Say no to single use items!  Examples:  

  *  Bring your own coffee cup to the coffee shop.

  *  Say no to the single use straw and purchase a reusable straw.
  *  Use reusable containers for your lunch instead of a plastic sandwich bag.

  *  Bring your own bag to the grocery store instead of using store bags. 

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